Factory of Lies or How to Succeed at Politics

Trust me.  This New Yorker article, “The Lie Factory,” by Jill Lepore is one of the most important reads of the year.  It is, to use her word, “thrilling” to read, though also sad.  You will learn more about the famous author of The Jungle than you ever knew.

Lepore explains why politics has become such a big business, completely out of touch with the people.  We all know this at our core, but we continue to play along by paying attention–cursory though it may be–to political conventions and debates.  We fool ourselves into thinking that politicians want our votes, but that’s just a whole lot of window dressing.

So, is there any hope that American politics can actually be held publicly accountable or is the Walmartization here to stay?


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About socalnancysnow

I'm Professor of Communications at California State University, Fullerton, what we sometimes refer to as "Disney U" given its proximity to the famous mouse kingdom. I specialize in political and persuasive communication (e.g., media and politics, rhetoric, propaganda studies, image management), which explains my social media handles: Twitter (drpersuasion) and Skype (drpropaganda). My best known books are "Propaganda, Inc." and "Information War," though I have also edited several books on the post-9/11 era, including the "Routledge Handbook of Public Diplomacy" and "War, Media and Propaganda." I have published nine books altogether. My latest are "Truth is the Best Propaganda" and "Propaganda and American Democracy."

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