Number of journalists in jail reaches all-time record

Since 1990, the Committee to Protect Journalists has been issuing reports on the number of journalists jailed worldwide.  The news in 2012 is the worst ever.  Around the globe governments are imprisoning journalists for any number of reasons, but most especially for journalists who dare to critique the worst practices of regimes.  That quickly leads to charges of inciting anti-state terrorism.

In this season of giving where we acknowledge who’s been naughty and nice, we need to acknowledge the contributions that global journalists make and the risks they pose to report the story of what’s really happening–both on the ground in conflict, but also inside the corridors of those in power.

I do not have the courage of my convictions as do so many of those who now sit in jail for telling the truth.  Read the report here.



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I'm Professor of Communications at California State University, Fullerton, what we sometimes refer to as "Disney U" given its proximity to the famous mouse kingdom. I specialize in political and persuasive communication (e.g., media and politics, rhetoric, propaganda studies, image management), which explains my social media handles: Twitter (drpersuasion) and Skype (drpropaganda). My best known books are "Propaganda, Inc." and "Information War," though I have also edited several books on the post-9/11 era, including the "Routledge Handbook of Public Diplomacy" and "War, Media and Propaganda." I have published nine books altogether. My latest are "Truth is the Best Propaganda" and "Propaganda and American Democracy."

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